Getting more support

I've tried everything! Where to get further support.

Does an answer already exist?

Before asking a new question, have you:

Asking for help

What you need

Help us to help you. When you ask for support, please provide as much detail as possible.

The following information is very useful for anyone trying to help:

  • What type of Mycroft device you're using, such as a Mark 1, Picroft, KDE Plasmoid, regular Linux desktop

  • What steps you took leading up to the issue

  • What happened, compared to what you expected to happen

  • Information from your Mycroft logs

  • Information generated from the Support Skill

Where to ask

Community Forums

The best place to post most support questions is the Community Forums. This enables the many experienced members of our Community to assist you in a timely manner. Once a solution is found, it also means that others who may face the same problem in the future can benefit from your experience.

Check out the Support Category of the Community Forums.

Community Chat

The Community also has a real-time Chat service. This is useful to have direct discussion about your issue. Please be mindful that we are a global Community and someone may not respond immediately to your message. Be sure to provide enough detail so that when someone does come online they can understand what is happening.

Join the Troubleshooting channel in Chat.

Github Issues

If you have discovered a technical issue and are aware of which Mycroft component it relates to, these can be logged as issues on Github. If you are unsure, you can always ask in the Community Chat.

Mycroft Team

Where needed, the Mycroft Team are happy to help. You can email queries to and a team member will respond when available.

Please note that we are a small team and our primary focus is on improving Mycroft for everyone's benefit. It may take time for us to respond to an email.

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