Voice User Interface Design Guidelines

Learn about the Design process for planning a Skill, the basics of Voice Interaction, and best practices.

Through these guidelines you will learn how to use principles of Voice User Interface Design to build more effective skills. These tools will help define and validate the features of the skill before diving deep into development.

This guide will cover what a Skill can do, Voice Assistant Personas, the Design process we recommend, some Voice Interaction definitions, and best practices. We will also cover some methods to use that can help plan, prototype and test your skill during the early design stages.

To work well with Mycroft's processes, and accelerate your skill into the Marketplace, it is best to take a Test Driven Development approach. By the end of this process you should have all the tools you need to begin creating a Behave test for your skill. How to create the Behave test will be covered in the next section.

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