A list of roadmaps to help you see where Mycroft's technology is headed. Note that with the pace of change, these documents can become dated quickly.

A new Master Roadmap 2020 has been created. This should always start with the highest priority project followed by individual roadmaps for secondary priorities.

Each individual Roadmap will include the following sections:

  • Next - Work that is needed most urgently.

  • Longer term - Work that is needed but can wait until “Next” items are finished.

  • Nice to have - Features that can be added at any time but will not be prioritized by the internal Mycroft team.

The Roadmaps themselves may either be collaborative documents like the Master Roadmap, or where it directly relates to a single technology hosted as a Github project board. Each of the collaborative documents are set to allow comments so please jump in and have your say on the direction of Mycroft.


The following Roadmaps have been kept for archive purposes only.

We now have both a Master Roadmap, and associated voice stack Roadmaps to help you see where Mycroft's technology is headed. Your comments are warmly welcomed in the below documents:

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