Legacy Repo
Maintaining the history of Mycroft contributions to our legacy repo.

Legacy repo shout-out

Prior to open-sourcing Mycroft in the mycroft-core.git repo, a number of folks were working on the mycroft.git repo. The commit history was messy, there were some API keys checked in, and we felt it was time for a fresh start. The biggest drawback is the loss of commit/contributor history. This page will at least resolve the latter. Thank you to everyone who helped us get this far!
Please note that below is a percentage of commits, and not a percentage of contribution value. Everyone below is awesome.

Git Summary: Mycroft Legacy Repo, 20 May 2016

[email protected]:~/development/mycroft (master u=)$ git summary
project : mycroft
repo age : 8 months
active : 205 days
commits : 549
files : 259
authors :
218 Sean Fitzgerald 39.7%
188 Jonathan D'Orleans 34.2%
71 Ryan Sipes 12.9%
37 Wolfgange3311999 6.7%
18 aatchison 3.3%
4 Arron Atchison 0.7%
4 Nicholas Peterson 0.7%
2 ChristopherRios7 0.4%
2 Daniel Foré 0.4%
2 Matthew D. Scholefield 0.4%
1 Jordan Sipes 0.2%
1 Nathan Dyer 0.2%
1 Åke Forslund 0.2%
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Legacy repo shout-out
Git Summary: Mycroft Legacy Repo, 20 May 2016