Mimic TTS

Mimic is Mycroft AI's family of Text to Speech engines.

Over the years, Mimic like other Mycroft components has gotten clearer, faster, and more flexible.

You can hear samples from all three Mimic systems below, speaking the same sentence.


Mimic 3 is a privacy-focused open-source neural Text to Speech (TTS) engine that can run faster than real-time on low-end devices like the Raspberry Pi 4. In human terms that means it sounds great, it can run completely offline or in the cloud, and you can verifiably trust it.

pageMimic 3

Mimic 2

Mimic 2 is our older machine learning TTS engine designed to run in the cloud. It has been the default voice for most installations of Mycroft for many years.

pageMimic 2

Mimic 1

Mimic 1 is a fast, light-weight TTS engine based on Carnegie Mellon University's FLITE software. It concatenates speech sounds to create complete phrases.

pageMimic 1

Mimic Recording Studio

Mimic Recording Studio provides simplifies the collection of voice training data from individuals, by allowing you to speak and record phrases from a corpus. This data can then be used to train a voice model using Mimic 3, Mimic 2, or another machine learning TTS engine.

pageMimic Recording Studio

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