Information Review Template

Template for the Information Review component of the Skills Acceptance Process.

## Meta

* Who: [@your-github-handle]( / @your-mycroft-chat-handle  
* Datestamp: run `date +%Y-%m-%d_%H:%M:%S_%Z`  
* Language and dialect of tester:

## 2. Information Review - accurate and understandable

This review checks the README for completeness - does it follow the README template and include all the relevant sections such as Intents, known issues, dependencies and so on?

* [ ] **Icon**  

  Does the Skill have an appropriate icon that is either included in the repo or linked from an appropriate place \(eg not or\)?


* [ ] **Description**  

  Are the title, short description, and long description \(under 'About'\) clear and concise? Do they provide enough information to understand what the Skill does? Does the title have the word "skill" included? This is strongly discouraged.


* [ ] **Examples**  

  Do the examples give you a clear understanding of how you can use the Skill? Is there a single example per dot-point?


* [ ] **Supported Devices**  

  If relevant, are the supported devices listed? An example might be a Skill that requires the screen of the Mark II. If the section is not present, all devices are considered supported.


* [ ] **Categories**  

  Is there at least one category listed? At least one category must be selected for the Skill to be displayed correctly in the [Mycroft Marketplace](  

  Is the bolded category the most appropriate for this Skill? The bold category is considered the primary category and will be used for display in the [Marketplace](, all others are secondary and used for search results.


* [ ] **Tags**  

  Are listed tags appropriate for this Skill?


* [ ] **License**  

  Is an appropriate LICENSE file used in the repo - such as Apache-2.0 or GPL-3.0?


### Actions Required


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