Installing New Skills

Skills are like apps for a voice assistant. They give Mycroft access to new information and new abilities.
The Skills Marketplace is a curated list of Voice Skills that have been tested and approved by the Mycroft Community.

Voice Installation

The simplest way to install a new Skill is to ask Mycroft to do it for you by saying:
Hey Mycroft, install {skill name}
This will search the Skills Marketplace and install them on your device.

Removing a Skill

To remove the Skill, you can say:
Hey Mycroft, uninstall {skill name}

Command Line

If you prefer to use the command line, you can directly use the Mycroft Skills Manager.
To install a Skill run:
mycroft-msm install skill-name
To remove a Skill run:
mycroft-msm remove skill-name
For more detail on command line usage see:


If you are having trouble using the Mycroft Skills Manager, or the mycroft-msm command cannot be found, see our dedicated troubleshooting guide: