Remote STT and TTS

Utilize the STT and TTS services of a remotely hosted mycroft-core instance.

This feature is experimental.

Enabling "Remote TTS" and "Remote STT" in the options make Mycroft-GUI act as a routing client for sending and receiving raw audio. This is intended to be used with a remotely hosted mycroft-core instance on the local network.

Please note, this is completely experimental. It is being worked on for running Mycroft-GUI on the hardware with limited on-board processing power such as the PinePhone, however it should work on any Linux system.


You must have mycroft-core hosted on a different local machine. On the device running mycroft-core, you need:

  • Wave Client: should be installed in /mycroft/clients/wave/ and entries added to start it up in and

  • Changes to your mycroft.conf: { "remote": true, "remote-server": "" }

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