Mycroft-GUI on a PC

During development, it can be useful to emulate the Mark II display on your primary machine.


The Mycroft-GUI package requires some newer packages, so a newer distribution such as KDE Neon or K/Ubuntu 20.04 is recommended.

On supported systems, the installation is equivalent to a development installation of mycroft-core:

git clone
cd mycroft-gui

For more detail see the Getting Started section of the mycroft-gui repository

Running the application

Running the Mycroft GUI is as simple as launching:


If mycroft-core is not already running, all Mycroft services will be started.

By default the GUI window includes a text entry box to send utterances to Mycroft.

In the bottom-left corner of the window is a hamburger-style menu. Here you can find hints for using Mycroft, settings for the mycroft-gui application, and licensing information.

Emulating a Mark II

In order to emulate the display of a Mycroft Mark II, or any other device, you can set the dimensions of the screen and hide the text input bar when launching the application.

mycroft-gui-app --width=800 --height=480 --hideTextInput

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