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Set Up

Welcome your new Mark II, and get it set up ready to help.
Start by creating an account at
Next find a home for your Mark II and plug in the power cord (12V 3A). Your Mark II will then talk you through the rest of the set up process!
Location of power port on the Mark II
It will take a few minutes for your Mark II to boot up. First it will display a color Mycroft Logo, next the logo will pulse white, the screen will then turn black for several moments and then it will display an animated Mycroft logo. After that it will display a start up checklist beginning with “Connect to the internet.”
Mark II start up checklist
To help get your Mark II on the internet WiFi set up will begin automatically. However, if you have connected your Mark II to your router with an ethernet cable the WiFi set up process will be skipped.
Mark II WiFi set up instructions
The Mark II will create a temporary WiFi network called “Mycroft” connect to it with your phone or computer. Some phones and computers will automatically display a prompt or show you a webpage where you can select your WiFi.
Some phones, such as Samsung, will not automatically display a prompt. In this case, go to your browser and enter
Select your WiFi from the list and enter your password. Press the “eye” icon to unhide the password text.
WPA2-Enterprise and WPA3 networks are not yet supported.
WiFi selection screen during Mark II set up
Once your Mark II is connected to the internet, it will need to be activated.
Mark II pairing instructions screen
A six digit pairing code will be displayed on the screen. Go to to enter your pairing code in the device pairing page. Then follow the instructions on the pairing page to name your Mark II and choose its location.
An example Mark II pairing code
It may take a few moments for your Mark II to pair with Mycroft servers, please be patient. Once it has successfully paired you will be shown success checkmarks on the checklist.
Completed Mark II start up checklist
Then Mycroft will say, “Now I am ready for use. Try asking me things like "Hey Mycroft, what's the weather", "Hey Mycroft, tell me about Abraham Lincoln", or "Hey Mycroft, play the news".
Mark II final set up screen with example phrases
When the Home screen appears you can interact with Mycroft.
Mark II default Home screen
Try saying:
  • Hey Mycroft, what’s the weather?
  • Hey Mycroft, tell me about Abraham Lincoln
  • Hey Mycroft, play the news
  • Hey Mycroft, play classic rock radio
  • Hey Mycroft, set a timer for 5 minutes
  • Hey Mycroft, create an alarm for 8 am tomorrow